Saturday, July 31, 2010

Megan - Caribana, Toronto

Somehow, Megan and her friend represent all the lost youth that ever there will be.

Caribana, Toronto

Style mavens at the Caribana Parade

Caribana, Toronto

It's hard work

Caribana, Toronto

Caught these two girls looking at pictures they'd just taken of themselves, the parade and their friends.

Caribana, Toronto

Gold dust

Caribana, Toronto

Waiting for the Parade to begin.

Before the Parade.

Caribana, Toronto

The mischievous little imp . . .

Adorned like Hindu goddesses, glittering, dangerous.

Transfixed on the iridescent blue lances of her eyes

Somehow, a very disarming contradiction 

Honesty, unabashed.

The style twins. . . beyond cool.

An angel. . . leaving

A she devil, alien, gyrating, in the opaque and soundless noise.

A magnificent undulating landscape of flesh

Caribana, Toronto

This young lady seems to be decorated with the symbol of the Trident of the Hindu God, Shiva.

Caribana, Toronto

Four women and a boy - hair and no hair.

Caribana, Toronto

Bizarre, almost circus-like tableau at the Caribana Parade